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Poetry In The Time Of COVID-19

At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, Ragtime Poetry Co. gathered our most talented writers and tasked them with creating a selection of original poems dedicated to the thousands of hard-working doctors, nurses, medical staff, and other essential workers who risked their lives on a daily basis to care for their patients, customers and people whom they will never meet. We provided them with hope to get them through this incredibly difficult time in their lives. These people are true heroes and their songs should be sung.

We received an overwhelming response to our COVID-19 poetry campaign. The outpouring of support that we received from people all over the world was overwhelming. People wrote to us to share the worry they felt for their own health, the fear of losing their parents or grandparents, the uncertainty that we all share about the future, and the fears about economic collapse. We were grateful to be able to help at a time when there seemed so little anyone could do.

Why Is Poetry Important?

When we can do nothing but wait, when we must sit still, when we feel we are not in control of our own fate—this is exactly when poetry matters most. While doctors are ministering to the sick and dying, poets are ministering to the mental wounds, trauma, exhaustion, and frustration of others. When medicine can do nothing more, poetry can continue healing.

People read the poetry we produced in that time of crisis and it moved them to write something to us in return. Here are just a couple of the comments we received from readers:

I showed your poem to some people at work and they thought it was pretty much the best thing ever. We needed the ‘pick me up’. … I’m grateful there are people like you guys to keep our spirts up, keep positivity flowing. Again, thank you and your team very much.” - Michelle, Nurse

Thank you there are tears running down my face. ... I will never forget your words and your kindness. Sending all my love and wishes of safety and health! May we artists bring light to this world now and always.” - Thressa, Actor

We want our poems to be vehicles of hope, buttresses of resilience, reassuring words that would do good work the world over. Sometimes a reassuring word can make the difference between a good day and a dark one.

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